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The Vietnam Education Society Video!

Our family was formed in 2000 through adoption in Vịnh Hạ Long (Northeastern Việt Nam on the South China Sea), an area with limestone sea caves and islands that many know as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.     


Connecting with some other families with children of Vietnamese heritage we formed a local friendship group called Việt Nam Connection (VnC), which remains central to our family life.  


The  Việt Nam Education Society (VES) is a charity initiated by Dr. Carin Holroyd, one of the moms in our adoption group, and since inception, it has been part of our family life too.   


VES has done tremendous work in impoverished rural areas of Việt Nam, building schools, kindergartens, libraries, scholarships.  With another charity, Pacific Links, it also supports kids at risk of human trafficking.   


Here's a video I just received,  by Carin and some associates in Việt Nam.  I hope you will take a few minutes to view it.