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jumpstart performance society


As sole Artistic Director of the company since 1993, Lee Eisler welcomed a new Artistic Director Susan McKenzie in 2012, who led a three year pilot project colutivating dance "jumpstarts" in a range of communities.  Offerings included dramaturgy, writing, creative process classes, youth mentorship and rehearsal direction.  Following this project, in 2015, the company was dissolved.    


Jumpstart was well-known West Coast interdisciplinary company with its roots in dance. Founded in 1984 by Lee Eisler and Nelson Gray, it established a history of work in new opera, interdisciplinary art and dance theatre.   Briefly:  

Throughout the company's history, Jumpstart has met with praise for highly kinetic and visual work in which actors move with intense physicality and dancers connect to charged inner emotions.



Through collaborative work, notably with designer Nicola Kozakiewicz, works were often set in an environment that creates visual excitement and advances the action of the work. Music has also been an important element in these works and composers  often worked with the company, performing live.



Jumpstart has received the support of  The Canada Council, the B.C. Arts Council, the City of Vancouver, the B.C. Gaming Commission and other foundations and sponsors.