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Susan McKenzie


Drop me a line at susan(at)susanmckenzie(dot)ca.




I have a lifelong relationship with dance.


Performance (Dancemakers, RMDW, TIDE and independent projects, teaching, writing, rehearsal direction, artistic direction (Susan McKenzie Solo Projects, SMcK Dance, jumpstart performance society). 


Formative influences: Dianne Miller, Linda Putnam, and endless collaborative discoveries with the Necessary Angel Theatre Company, New Dance Horizons, MascallDance, and as a contributor to theatre productions.  


I've taught from the Stratford Festival and Simon Fraser University to impromptu gaggles of the many-aged imaginative.  I work with MascallDance, volunteer for the Vietnam Education Society and I'm a member of the Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Society (SEACHS) Board of Directors. 


My husband, daughter, homestays, animals, and I live in North Vancouver.  


BFA Hons. Fine Arts York University; recipient of awards and support from the British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario Arts Councils, the Laidlaw Foundation, and the Canada Council of the Arts.  



Photo credit:                      Kim Schachte, Red Tent 2021

COVER Image:                  Agniesza Brzesanzka, Loie Fuller, 2010