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a Dance @ Dusk by MascallDance (2015)

site specific work in Dusk Dances, Dancing on the Edge Fest 2015

with Jennifer Mascall, Amber Funk Barton, John MacFarlane and the Duck Dancers.

I reread the commentary on TALK MascallDance's blog,

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 Duck Dances at Dusk Dances              MascallDance  Dancing On The Edge 2015


WORK MODEL: Design/compose/name work elements in advance. Devise with pre-professional or dance artists early in their career for whom the experience is advantageous and artistically developmental, using volunteer and barter arrangements. Employ very thorough site interaction. Focus assemblage of materials into extremely short period - ideally within one day on site - involving full volunteer group.  


   Photo:  Amber Funk Barton directs Dance Captains 


CREATIVE TRIAD:  Three dance artists, Jennifer Mascall, Amber Funk-Barton and Susan McKenzie created the work together.  Jennifer and Amber alternated leading choreographic rehearsals with the dance captains.  Susan partnered both of them, and production managed.  



John MacFarlane took lead on the making and installation of

the central design element envisioned by Jennifer Mascall.  








1.  INVITE movers of all ages to dance with us in our upcoming outdoor presentation of Duck Dances on July 3,4,5 at 7:30PM.  A free opportunity to work with a team of professional contemporary dance artists in creation and performance in the Dancing on the Edge Festival on the Crab Park waterfront. INFO 

2. Identify DANCE CAPTAINS.  The assembled group of volunteer dancers were dancers for whom the experience was professionally valuable.  They worked with us weekly on June afternoons at Crab Park to invent the materials involved in the work, then taught them to the performance group of community dancers and led the performance.



3.  DESIGN, SOUND, COSTUME elements were cultivated by the creative team through 2 criteria:  Adher to genus locii, and spend no money, use found elements.


Duck Dances was performed as a component of Dusk Dances, a touring summer park event presenting open-air dances, and was presented under the auspices of the Vancouver's Dance on the Edge Festival 2015.  

Description and Responses

to this project can be found here.