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A photo gallery of The Flutter Dance Workshop - is found under my main menu, labelled New Dance Horizons /  Flutter Dance.



Notebook entry, Tuesday:    

Swoop.  Flap.  Hover.  Soar.  Luft.  Wobble.  Vibrate.  Quiver.  Press.


1.  Elbows connected:  vibrate forearms so fast it blurrrrs.  try in front of eyes.  behind back.

2.  Fast, really fast:  faster than a human. Peregrine falcon dive, wings in.

3.  Undulating, rippling

4.  Shoulder blades lace

5. ....wave

6. Butterfly ripple

7.  Hover

8.  Delicate legs -  damsel fly and dragon fly.

9.  Bee tremble

10.  Tail flicker

11.    Pressing.  expanding.

Swan(k) Olors by Jennifer Mascall, 1979:  taught the wide arm entry with focus, and a bastardized version of the second position travel, the zigzag fly focus follow, and a version of the neck dive using #2 (peregrine) above.




 The Secret Garden pre-tour is a chance for the gardeners and volunteers to see all the gardens while the dancers scope out the places that marry well with their dances.  Gardens are particularly lovely to visit at twilight.