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A long brisk walk along Woscana Lake and bird sanctuary this afternoon with Robin Poitras - reeds, islands, secret trysts in the bushes, redwinged blackbirds, geese with fluffy goslings. Robin shows me a foot rhythm song on a wooden bridge; we gather feathers for tomorrow's workshop.   


Pelicans.  Groups of them - long beaks, articulated scudding take-offs - a galumphing, waggling transition into air - finally glimpsed at rest, enfolded into shining white feather packages that lilt on the water under late afternoon cloud.


Robin and Tim took us to the New Dance Horizons Birdhouse exhibit and auction, on display (hosted by Doubletree by Hilton (Broad @ Victoria)!).  You can bid on-line here or if you are in the area, swing by.  There are some stunners.


 I found it difficult to let go of the Little Tin Bin and Eric Solheim's mid-century modern.... and of course Tien and I couldn't agree.  


Here's her pick, inspired by Russian Orthodox church:

  Untitled by Orest Shasko






















And mine:  

Black Cloud Birdhouse by Edward Poitras


Bringing to mind this: