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                                                                                                               Photo:  Tien Johnson



"Don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes."  They say that here about the huge clouds, endless sky, unimpeded horizon, majestic storms.  It was the same with the Creative Process course - we delved, we relished, we hurtled through so many ideas - it was a total weather system.  Just as these storms come and go abruptly and without mystery, visible from horizon to horizon, so did our time.  Here.  Gone. 

Dancer:  Tanya Dahms

Photo:    Tien Johnson

Courtesy of New Dance Horizons


Thanks to the creative process group - you were a remarkably balanced research unit.  It was a really gratifying work week. You did pretty well at Mr. Cage's  #2.  I can't say I managed #3,  but we did a lot!  (See #9).  I look forward to your future exploits. It was salutory to work again with students with whom I have an occasional history spanning sixteen years.  


And delightful for me was the presence of my personal project of sixteen years, learning to video and providing still documentation I look forward to seeing.  Thank you for your work, Tien Johnson.    


Dancer: Natasha Molnar-Fluter

Photo:  Tien Johnson

Courtesy of New Dance Horizons


For group members:  


1/ I'll be gathering a list of vocab and notions from all of us, and posting it here for reference, so check back.


2/ Contact me via e-mail regarding photos for your personal collection and future use.  


Dancer:  Carleigh MacDonald

Photo:    Tien Johnson

Courtesy of New Dance Horizons


3/ I'm at NDH til July 16th with THE FLUTTER DANCE and New Dance Horizon's annual Secret Gardens Tours . Don't hesitate to get in touch to talk further or look at work together.   Contact:


4/  Please make use the blogpost ahead of this one, the Cunningham studio list, and of 2 previous blogposts:  one,  a video-interview with choreographer Crystal Pite, and another that parses "stealing".  


4/ Download A Choreographer's Handbook, by Jonathan Burrows, or read it on-line,  right here.


Dancer:  Krista Solheim
Photo:    Tien Johnson

Courtesy of New Dance Horizons


5/ As a parting challenge,  read this address by Burrows.  Some of you will have to research historical references.  Try to do that by connecting with people, as well as by Googling.


6/ Please consider Jerome Bel's suggestion that YouTube is Dance's first library, and we just don't know quite what to do with it yet. 


6/ Continue moving and making stuff.   "There is no win and no fail.  There is only make."  


7/  See #6-8.  


8/  Good luck.


Choreography:  Connie Moker Wernikowski
Dancers:  Carleigh MacDonald, Natasha Molnar-Fluter
Photo: Tien Johnson
Courtesy of New Dance Horizons

Since 1986,  my visits to Regina have without exception been instigated by Robin Poitras and New Dance Horizons.  I'll write more here about this, but here and now - thank you,  New Dance staff, board and of course Robin.  I value this place and the rare facility it provides dance in Canada.