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"I'm honoured to begin brain/bodystorming about the future of  Jumpstart Performance Society.   

Thank you  to Founding Artistic Director Lee Eisler, longtime collaborating artist and Board member Raymond Milne,  the  Jumpstart Board of Directors, and the many artists whose audacity and vision  have built Jumpstart's legacy.


I am  re-entering artistic practice after a dozen years of childrearing.  Those years have shifted my engagement to different parts of life, so I'm beginning by writing about some of the thing I do now, here.

Please join me here over the next year,  as Jumpstart's direction emerges through these fledgling steps.  

I hope our interests are piqued and our creativites are ignited.  You and me both.

Stay tuned....."            


                                                                                Susan McKenzie

                                                                                March 6, 2013