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Thursday March 6th 2014 informal, very low key group session, gradually moving through a series of Itcush Technique exercises, repeating the series and building on it in each time.  

At the Remembering Amelia Exhibition, (brought to The Dance Centre by New Dance Horizons last September)  a few people were inspired to start a work group to practise the Itcush work together.  Elaine Hanson has generously offered to informally facilitate the group.  Anyone can join – with no experience, minimal or lots. 


Elaine Hanson (facilitator):   

“The work sessions focus on bringing the head, neck and spine into balance through the interplay of forces.  Between the weight falling and the force rising is found a dynamic balance which assists in bringing head, neck and spine into healthier relationship. The result is an expansion and lifting of the chest which re-balances the head and neck.  A sense of release, buoyancy and expansion follows.”


The workgroup emerged from the Remembering Amelia Exhibition at the Vancouver Dance Centre last September, where workshops and discussion were held about the work of master teacher Amelia Itcush.  The project is a Western Canadian travelling gathering in memory of Amelia, and offered exciting exchange about her work, led by Robin Poitras (artistic director of New Dance Horizons), Kana Nemoto, Ashley Johnson, and Jennifer Mascall. 

For more info, or to check out the next gathering, coming up in Saskatoon in April 2014